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Take A Trip Through Sicily On A Dream Boat
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There are few with the world renown and sterling reputation that Lisca Bianca Yachts Charter has. We stand out head and shoulders above the competition with our reliability and expertise.

Our fleet is comprised of many different ship sizes, ensuring that whatever size group you might be traveling with can be accommodated easily.

Our primary facility is located in Palermo, which allows you a key starting point to see all of the sights of the Sicilian seas with ease. Our main focus is your comfort and safety, which is another key reason that the headquarters for Lisca Bianca is in Palermo.

On board one of our ships, our commitment to you doesn’t waver. Each ship will be manned with a knowledgeable crew that is 100% committed to giving you a good time. They are all aware of each little cove, inlet and sightseeing spot that exists in all of our routes so you don’t miss a thing.


salvo sanfilippo

Salvo Sanfilippo


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Giorgio Tudisco

Co-founder & Ceo

Emanuele Sgroi Lisca Bianca Yachts Chater

Emanuele Sgroi

General Manager


Via Ammiraglio Giovanni Bettolo n. 4 – Palermo
(+39) 3925049510
(+39) 3925049510 Giorgio
(+39) 3292664099 Emanuele
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